• Firstly, you’ll surely love the ambience here. Just look at their bar!
  • People who are in to coffee, vinyl music, art and rustic design are surely gonna love it here.
  • Coffee here is legit! I’ll talk about it in the menu section.
  • I did say vinyl music but during out visit they were playing pop songs through speakers. Although I saw turn tables, I’m not sure if it is used.
  • The cafe is in the second floor of LeFern Hotel and I tell you, the cafe is shiny clean.

Ambience and Gallery

  • You’d want to take lots of pictures of every corner and don’t forget the ceiling!
  • You’ll have enough to fill your Instagram’s feeds with the cafe’s art.
It’s pretty enough without editing.


New food and drinks menu
Here’s what we ordered. The serving is generous, we didn’t expect it to be served with egg, veggies and uhh the crispy snack found is Chowking’s Lauriat HAHAHA. FnB dudes help me out.
Pork chop Rice
Pork chop Rice
Plakafe Rice

Plakafe’s Coffee

Coffee is legit! Loveramics <3
First things first, Plakafe’s Coffee is legit!
4 things that makes it legit.
  1. Espresso machine
  2. A Swan latte art proves their barista is experienced
  3. The coffee tastes great!
  4. Loveramics
  • You might be wondering what #4 Loveramics is, it is the brand of their latte mugs.
  • What makes it so special? Firstly a Loveramics mug and sauces costs about P990! Crazy right?
  • They have invested much in to their guest’s coffee experience.
  • As a barista, we value latte mugs as this is where we pour our passion in to.


Google Map

Baguio City, 2nd floor Baguio Lefern Hotel Northdrive street
45 North Drive Road (behind NBI) Engineer’s Hill
Operating hours: 7AM – 10PM
Average cost for two people: 600
Theme and Ambience: Vinyl, art, music
Recommendation: ★★★★★
Parking: ✓
Final Comments
  • This is a place for people who love vinyl, art and of course coffee.
  • Coffee is legit! Pair it with their Bibingka cupcakes yum!
  • Totally Instagramable ambiance together with their food and drinks.
  • PS we had a bit of an incident but the server together with the kitchen and supervisor during that time handled it well. Props to all of you FnB peeps in Plakafe! Thank you so much for the awesome service.
Till we meet again Plakafe
Questions and thoughts?
Any cafe’s you’d suggest us to visit next?
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