Il-lengan Cafe

Il-lengan Cafe

  • Il-lengan is pronounced as /il-luh-ngan/, an igorot (kankana-ey dialect) term that means “a place to slack off”.
  • It is a local Igorot themed and owned cafe that highlights their rustic handmade designs.
  • The cafe specializes in coffee but the food is also catered well by a head chef.
  • It is located beside a carwash. Guess you know where to stay while waiting for your car to be cleaned up.

Rustic Homy Ambience

When we say rustic, it means it is related to the countryside or made roughly of wood in terms of furniture.
Bar fact: The designer recycled scrap wood to craft Il-lengan Cafe’s beautiful bar.
Il-lengan Cafe’s bar

Instagrammable Corners

I’m no photographer but for those who are, I’m pretty sure you can eye potential shots for this corner.
Corner Fact: Those old wood used to be walls of the owner’s ancestral house back in Mountain Province.
Cafe corner

So what’s in the Menu?

Coffee, tea, ice blended, iced-shaken, snacks, breakfast, pasta, rice meals and group meals!
Drinks Menu
Recommendation: Hazelnut Latte, Caramel Macchiato
Recommendation: Iced Shaken Teas, Matcha, Smoothies
Eats Menu
Recommendation: Chef’s Salad, Bacon Cheese Burger, Pesto Pasta, Fish Fillet with Mango Sauce, Fresh Lumpia

What to order?

Let me help you out with what to order, I’ll break it down for you.
Coffee – Hazelnut Latte, Caramel Latte, Cafe Latte
Non-coffee – Matcha Latte, Ice Shaken Teas, Raspberry Yoghurt
Pro tip: you can request your drinks to be served on a wooden underliner
Drinks Menu
Coffee Based
  • Hot Hazelnut Latte is my personal favorite.
  • Iced Caramel Latte would be my next.
  • Cafe Latte the classic drink for coffee drinkers.
  • Matcha Latte – sometimes I add a shot of espresso for that matcha espresso fusion.
  • Any of the Iced Shaken Teas – black passion, red berry, green and green.
  • Raspberry Yoghurt – I know we’re in Baguio but Strawberry Smoothie only goes second for me.
Eats – Chef’s Salad, Bacon Cheese Burger, Pesto Pasta, Fish Fillet with Mango Sauce
Eats Menu
I can’t post all the pictures here but here are my personal favorites
Bacon Cheese Burger
Pesto Pasta
Fish Fillet with Mango Sauce
Here’s what we get when we’re in groups. Feast 1 – Nachos, onion rings, fries on the side and clubhouse sandwich in the middle.


Instagram – @illengancafebaguio
Google Map

Great place to chat, don’t forget to take your brother with you!
Operating hours: 10AM – 10PM
Location: Baguio City, Rimando Road, beside Baliwag Lechon, 2nd floor of BO’s carwash
Average cost for two people: 300
Theme and Ambience: Igorot, Rustic, Homy
Eats: ✓
Parking: ✓
Wifi: ✓
Outlet: ✓


  1. Specializes in drinks.
  2. Great cuisine.
  3. The cafe is best viewed at night.
  4. Hot during the afternoon.
  5. Only a few tables
  6. High chairs in the corner for your own space.
  7. Carwash and grub.
Questions and thoughts?
What cafe do you suggest us to visit?
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