Fiika Cafe

Fiika Cafe – The first Victoria Arduino espresso machine in town!

Fika is a practice in Swedish culture dedicated to drinking coffee and taking a break. They own a Victoria Arduino espresso machine!
The Venus Bar.
  • When I visit a coffee shop, I always try to look for their espresso machine and here they have a precious two group Victoria Arduino! The first one I’ve seen in town.
  • As a barista I’m totally geeking out on this, I’ve known Victoria Arduino to manufacture the Venus Bar as seen from the picture
  • But as to not get everyones hopes up in to personally getting to see a Venus Bar in person, the model they own is actually a White Eagle (of course I just researched that)
  • I looked up the price and its about a $16,200.00 Espresso Machine. That’s around P840,000! Ka-ching!!!
  • Anyways back to Fika Cafe. I asked around about the meaning of Fiika and they said it is “a practice in Swedish culture dedicated to drinking coffee and taking a break”. Wish we had something like this haha!


It’s like one of those house-turned-cafes.
The place was a bit packed when we visited, I would have preferred seating outside where the ambience feels more informal. Inside it feels like an office in my opinion.

So what’s in the Menu?

Coffee, Frappe, Tea, Pasta, Snacks and a make your own pizza!


We’ll it is easy
  1. Choose from Red (tomato base) or White (garlic) Sauce
  2. Chooses a minimum of 4 toppings
Here’s ours
1. Red Sauce
2. Beef, Ham, 2x Pineapple
Nachos ala Fiika
First of all I hate olives :(. I left that for my friends to enjoy
Chicken and Bacon Carbonara
The serving was generous, asked helped from the team to finish it up!
The only cafe to use 1883 Maison Routin Syrups!
Although the Fiika cafe is promoting their teas as per this menu.
We have to remember that they highly invested in to their espresso machine.
So coffee is a must try PLUS they’re using 1883 Maison Routin this is just me geeking out again.
Here’s why, cafes around Baguio and La Trinidad are most likely using Torani syrups.
And so if you want to have a different taste of your flavored Lattes, this is the place to go.
Unfortunately it was friggggin HOT when we visited and we had to order their Ice Blended ones instead which was pretty cute in the presentation and tasty!
I’d recommend the Ice Blended Strawberry Macchiato yum!


Google Map

Poblacion Buyagan, Benguet, Philippines 2601
Operating hours: 9AM – 8PM
Average cost for two people: 400
Value for money:★★★★
Recommendation: ★★★★
Parking: ✓
Final Comments
  1. Their coffee is legit! They own one awesome (and expensive) Victoria Arduino espresso machine.
  2. Drop by if you want a different twist in your coffee as they are the only cafe using 1883 Maison Routin syrups.
  3. Fiika Cafe is great for dates, meetings, large groups. Pretty much they have a variety of seats for everyone.
  4. I’ll be back to try out the teas they were suggesting
  5. Expect students, and by that I don’t mean college students but younger ones.
  6. Overall its a cafe that I’ll surely go back to every now and. then when I’m in La Trinidad
Questions and thoughts?
Any suggestions where we should visit next?

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