Cafe Orilla


Why visit Cafe Orilla?

Just sip your coffee and let the sound of the rushing river calm your soul.
  • Those who are tired of the busy city.
  • If you want to have an alone time. -Don’t be surprised if you have the cafe all for yourself when you’re there, most likely there will only be a few people around when you visit as per experience.
  • You want to have an intimate place to chat
  • If you just want to just sip your coffee and let the sound of the rushing river calm your soul.
  • Something different You get to choose from three different areas to seat in, each with a different environment to offer (on of those is in the picture above). During our last visit they were putting up logs just beside the river so that’s something to look forward to.
  • Road trip Its about a 20minute drive from the city center with great views!


Here’s a few pictures but not enough to spoil it.


So what’s in the Menu?

Coffee, frappes, snacks, breakfast, pasta, pizza, rice meals and group meals!

How do you get there?

  1. Google Map: 

  2. Via taxi -Ask the driver to drive you to Quirino Elementary School Irisan. -The fare might cost about P150 -About 30mins away from town proper. -Once there you have to turn right then straight ahead you will see the cafe. Pics below for guide.
Here’s Quirino Elementary School Irisan, you have to turn right from here. Don’t forget to look at the those art in the wall.
Go straight down
Down to the left.
You have arrived! That photo was from 2018 so a lot has improved.

So what about Camp Riverside?

  • They offer cottages for us to stay. Talk about staycation!
  • They have bonfires at night and it is a perfect getaway to stay and chill.
  • Just imagine when the moon is up, you hear the river rushing, the cold Baguio weather, a nice warm bonfire to stare at, late night chats with ohhhh….
  • We tried booking many times andddd its always fully booked on the weekend so yeah.
  • You can ask the availability of the dates you want to book through their facebook page.
I grabbed this from their site just so you have an idea of the prices.

Summary and tips

Google Map

Operating hours: 10AM – 7PM
Distance: About 30mins drive away from Session Road
Average cost for two people: 300
Value for money:★★★★
Recommendation: ★★★★★
Parking: ✓✓✓
  1. Just go back to the school if you don’t have a car, there’s a lot of taxi driving through there so don’t worry about transportation.
  2. Do note that you have to walk back up – a bit challenging when its dark and raining.
  3. Best time to visit would be 3pm onwards.
  4. Wait till it gets a bit darker for the warm lights to shine. Totally instagramable!
Questions and thoughts?
Any cafes to suggest?
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